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Auraria Higher Education Center

Creating “Academic Neighborhoods” on a shared urban campus

Client: Auraria Higher Education Center, Denver, Colorado

In a visionary move during the 1970s, the Denver Urban Renewal Authority assembled the Auraria Higher Education Center (AHEC), a 143-acre parcel shared by the Community College of Denver, the Metropolitan State College of Denver, and the University of Colorado at Denver.

This grouping promotes social and academic synergy among the schools, saves money with shared facilities, and capitalizes on the adjacency of downtown Denver to generate jobs, research, and mutually beneficial intellectual capital. Each school has its own distinct facilities but shares resources like the library, student center, and recreation facilities.

Yet today, the three institutions lack physical centeredness and struggle to achieve institutional identity. There is also a need to integrate the campus more closely into the downtown.

The master plan update builds on the idea of giving each of the institutions its own distinct neighborhood within AHEC, providing each school an identifiable home within the campus. Simultaneously, the plan establishes a Campus Crossroads that strengthens the common mission and shared territory between schools and within the urban context.

Corneil was the Design Principal for this project while at Sasaki Associates.

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Downtown Rochester Master Plan


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Downtown Rochester Master Plan


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Downtown Rochester Master Plan


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Downtown Rochester Master Plan


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Downtown Rochester Master Plan


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Downtown Rochester Master Plan


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