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University of Calgary Master Plan

Strengthening interdisciplinarity and collegiality in a northern climate

Client: University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada

The University of Calgary is evolving from a regional commuter campus to a university with national and international focus. While its academic mission has advanced, the layout and condition of facilities have not kept pace. The image, character, and quality of the campus environment similarly do not support the university's current goals for academic excellence and an interdisciplinary structure.

The master plan for the University of Calgary provides a 25-year vision for the university's main campus. The plan is rooted in the academic and research mission of the institution. The plan responds to the financial crisis of 2008, offering guidance in restraint following prior exuberant spending.

Objectives addressed in the plan include limiting new construction and the strategic repurposing and renovation of existing buildings and landscapes. Strategic renovation and building removal creates a network, inside and out, of social and learning spaces throughout the campus, connecting several new interdisciplinary centers that reinforce the new direction of the university.

Corneil was Design Principal for this project while at Sasaki Associates.

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University of Calgary Master Plan


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University of Calgary Master Plan


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University of Calgary Master Plan


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