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Sinclair Community College

Transforming a modern icon to meet the needs of a 21st Century urban community college

Client: Sinclair Community College, Dayton, Ohio

Sinclair Community College is one of the most preeminent community colleges in the country. The original campus design by Edward Durrell Stone stands as a powerful example of modernist architecture, meant to serve as a quiet oasis within the city. Sinclair is no longer an oasis, but is instead a vibrant urban educational institution, inextricably tied to the city of Dayton and the region beyond.

Transforming the Sinclair campus from an internally focused “oasis” to a transparent, accessible and welcoming place of learning and inquiry in the city involves a paradigm shift for the College. Today, the social and informal interactions of the college community are just as important to the learning experience as study and meditation.

Spatial connections between inside and outside and between upper and lower levels, is fundamental to reimagining the historic legacy of the College in the context of current learning objectives.

Corneil was an Urban Design Consultant working in collaboration with Sasaki Associates.

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Sinclair Community College


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Sinclair Community College


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